Sunday, July 31, 2005

Playing online poker, I just got my first royal flush. Clubs.


Jake said...

I backed into my only royal flush, but it was pretty satisfying:

I have 10-8 unsuited (10 of diamonds) in the big blind, and I call a raise (limit). Flop is A-Q-8, with the A and Q both being diamonds. I bet out (having hit my 8) just to see where I am, and get one caller. Turn is the J of diamonds; I check, and he checks. River is the beautiful K of diamonds, completing my very unlikely backdoor royal flush, so I bet. It turns out the other guy was sitting on pocket aces, and we reraised back and forth until betting was capped. I don't know why he thought his three aces were good when any 10 OR any diamond (let alone the 10 of diamonds) beats him -- what did he think I had?

Then he proceeded to yell at me in chat for the next 15 minutes about how I was an idiot -- but if he'd raised on the flop or bet the turn I would have folded without a second thought, and anyone who slowplays aces on a scary board and then can't see when they're probably beat is a moron.

It was awesome. I hope your story is as satisfying.

Rob said...

Awesome. Anyone who slow-plays pocket aces deserves what they get.

Mine was pretty unspectacular, tho. Pretty early in a single table tournament, I was hovering around $1,500 in chips. I had Kc-4s in the big blind--an easy laydown, except that everyone limped. The flop was Ac-Qc-10c. A guy with only about $600 left bet $100 and everyone folded but me. Not a tough call! The turn brought that coveted jack of clubs, but then HE went all-in. He turned out to have K-10 of spades! Not even a flush.

Possibly he cursed my name, but I didn't hear any of that because he was thereby kicked out of the tournament.