Sunday, August 07, 2005

The right is onto us!

Limbaugh knows it. WorldNetDaily knows it. Any appearance of John Roberts' sympathy for gay rights activists is proof of a left wing conspiracy! Take Concerned Woman Janice Crouse ferinstance, who talks to WND in this article:
Crouse thinks the story likely was generated by a political motivation – to divide the Christian community. "It's a matter of the left being desperate to throw something at a man who appears to be exceptionally well qualified and committed to interpreting the Constitution as written," she said.
(Only by loopy right-wing logic does reporting on Roberts' pro bono work constitute "throwing something at" him. This news made us like him more!) But even Crouse acknowledges that "If it appears that this is a matter of a pattern, that would be a concern." Okay. Vague, mostly concealed discomfort. We can work with that!

Much more useful is somebody named Brian Fahling, who is quoted saying:
It seems [Roberts is] a faithful Catholic, and for him to be on the front end of a case that literally put a dagger squarely into the moral heart of America – there are as some incongruities there.
Literally puts a dagger squarely into the moral heart of America! Now there's the ideological panic we're looking for!

Members of the vast left-wing conspiracy, unite!


Macky Olé said...

Haha, conspiracy? I think it's pretty dern obvious that Dems want everyone to know about Roberts previous pro-bono work. It's called politics lady, playing the field. Good god, does she not understand that when there is a disagreement on the table that people often utilize *evidence* to support facts or opinions?

Rob said...

Concerned Women for America love hot gay sex!