Thursday, August 04, 2005

Though his Mormonism and untelegenic style mean that Harry Reid will never make a good presidential candidate, he has sure proven extremely effective as Senate Minority Leader. He gets the profile treatment in the New Yorker, including this fabulous anecdote from his days as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission:
In July of 1978, a man named Jack Gordon, who was later married to LaToya Jackson, offered Reid twelve thousand dollars to approve two new, carnival-like gaming devices for casino use. Reid reported the attempted bribe to the F.B.I. and arranged a meeting with Gordon in his office. By agreement, F.B.I. agents burst in to arrest Gordon at the point where Reid asked, “Is this the money?” Although he was taking part in a sting, Reid was unable to control his temper; the videotape shows him getting up from his chair and saying, “You son of a bitch, you tried to bribe me!” and attempting to choke Gordon, before startled agents pulled him off. “I was so angry with him for thinking he could bribe me,” Reid said, explaining his theatrical outburst. Gordon was convicted in federal court in 1979 and sentenced to six months in prison.



Christopher Trottier said...

Wow! This guy sounds like good old-fashioned fun.

Macky Olé said...

How about a '08 ticket of Harry Reid / Joe Pesci? Anger is the new family value.

Rob said...

And that guy Jack Gordon later tried to kill Reid by wiring his car to blow up when he started it, movie-gangster style. (It was discovered when Reid saw a wire or something sticking out of the gas tank.)

This quote that Reid gave a journalist is mentioned in the article, and I think it speaks well for his political instincts: "I believe in vengeance."