Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tom DeLay is indicted and somebody takes the first ever photos of a live giant squid?? This is truly a historic day.

As always, publicprivate brings you the most up-to-date news from the world of marine biology. You have got to see the pictures.


haahnster said...

The only question is whether the indictment will translate into a conviction of some sort. Any plea arrangement that doesn't, at a bare minimum, require his resignation from Congress is going to be a huge disappointment.

However, after several years of rooting against political hatchet men, such as Tom "the Hammer" DeLay, I've grown quite used to being disappointed...disappointed by the complete lack of accountability in the political arena. I just hope this impeachment-charge-leading, gerrymandering S.O.B. gets a fraction of what he has coming...

Rob said...

Yeah, let's throw DeLay in the slammer. He laundered money, he broke laws...his sins were NOT confined to the political realm and everybody knows it. So yeah, let's hope that his humiliations have only just begun.

No matter what, though, the good news is that this trial will last at least a year, meaning through the midterm elections. It's probably far-fetched to hope for Dems to actually beat DeLay in his home-district (though it's not impossible!). But as a symbol--as the perfect symbol--of widespread corruption in an entrenched Republican establishment, he'll do juuuuust fiiiine.