Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And we eat a big lunch then we all take naps

MF Doom is a rapper who knows his target demographic. Danger Doom, his new collaboration with producer Danger Mouse, is an album-length riff on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim that includes funny guest turns from Brak and Master Shake and most other notable Adult Swim characters. Now this is synergy! (Or do they call that product placement?)

The album is hilarious. Shake's answering machine messages are great; Brak's rap is immortal. MF Doom is one of my favorite rappers because of his slurry, free-associative style, his ear for quirky language and multisyllabic slant rhymes, and most of all for lines like this:
"We'll be right back after these messages/ Fellas grab your nutsacks, ladies squeeze your breastsesses"
Danger Mouse's production style is sort of neo-old school; he makes beats out of looped samples and orchestra instrumentation like back in the days before ProTools. His tracks are solid and there's an appeal to hearing Doom in a more upright setting, but the beats here are too tidy for Doom's woozy style, and the pair's chemistry doesn't approach that of Doom/Madlib on Madvillainy.

But so what? The first great rap/comedy record of 2005 was Quasimoto's The Further Adventures of Lord Quas; the second is Danger Doom's The Mouse and the Mask. Too bad, though, that there's such an air of professionalism to a project that could have used a little more anarchy.

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Saxdrop said...

I was lucky to catch some cuts from this album on a local college station. Of course, living in Atlanta, it's no surprise that I would her a collaboration of the Adult Swim empire. Seriously, Adult Swim is a kind of mini-fiefdom with highway billboard signs and everything.