Sunday, December 18, 2005

List season (interlude)

I suppose Sufjan Stevens is the heavy favorite for Pitchfork's #1 slot, but who are the underdogs? Antony & the Johnsons, maybe? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? (I would applaud that choice for sheer self-promotional audacity, though I think CYHSY is merely room-temperature.) Think Kanye has a shot? (??)


Macky Olé said...

Well, if ratings along could decide the fate of P-forks top 5, this we be the list. However, history shows that ratings aren't the last word.

1. Kanye West - Late Registration, 9.5
2. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois, 9.2
3. V/A - Run the Road, 9.1
4a. New Pornographers - Twin Cinema, 9.0
4b. Sleater Kinney - The Woods, 9.0
4c. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - s/t, 9.0

Since the critics make up the voting pool I expect to see these discs in the top five in some order since they are all widely present on many lists so far:

Kanye West - Late Registration
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Antony & the Johnsons - I am a Bird Now
Edan - Beauty and the Beat
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

Nicole said...

Ratings never predict it.

Antony and the Johnsons for their number 1 single was definitely out of left field . . . Animal Collective will probably be high too

Rob said...

Yeah, that placement of Antony & the Johnsons is a headscratcher, and perhaps a sign of things to come from the albums list...?

So "1 Thing" wuz robbed, but I thought today's list was pretty great and fun, actually.

Macky Olé said...

Antony is a surprise, but it's also totally deserved I think (the guy did win the Mercury prize ya know). "Hope there's someone" is the most singularly beautiful, heart wrenching tune of the year, if not the last ten. That song knocks planets out of orbit.

AC said...

Ya, last great one since Freebird.

(cue drunken Tennessee scream)

Macky Olé said...

Hey, 3/5 (Kanye, Antony, Sufjan)ain't bad. Art Brut? Who woulda thunk that?

Rob said...

Yeah Art Brut, whatever. Conor Oberst gets the big middle finger from the Fork, I guess, unless maybe I overlooked him (I don't feel like checking).

Pretty good list, I thought, though not as much fun as the singles list--too much weirdo metal and art-electronic (Keith Fullerton Whitman? Please). Pitchfork's rap taste has been running toward gangsta (B. Siegel, Clipse, Cam'Ron), which is sort of funny and pleasant.

Also I think I like Animal Collective, based on songs I downloaded last night and listened to one time.