Friday, June 02, 2006

The eleven best rap producers of all time in order

11. Kanye West
10. Madlib
9. The Neptunes
8. Prince Paul
7. Bomb Squad
6. DJ Premier
5. J Dilla
4. Marley Marl
3. Dr. Dre
2. Rza
1. Timbaland


haahnster said...

I'm SHOCKED at the absence of my own name. I do have one unofficial production credit for the "Geral-Jam". Lest you forget, it was an instrumental track, with my painstakingly spliced Geraldo Rivera utterings, recorded from his late '80s/early '90s daytime talk show. I need to find that tape!!!

"Crucifiction of humiliation" and "Guillotine of embarassment" were two of my favorite Geraldo-isms. "That's our focus on this edition of Geraldo."

JM said...

Timbaland #1? Really? I thought his marble mouth impression was even better than Dre's.

Rob said...

He's not much of a rapper, but as a producer Timbo is #1 by 100 miles or more.

JM said...

My fault as I thought you were rating best rap/producers. Brain cell number falling rapidly.

Saxdrop said...

Does Rick Rubin not have enough of a pure rap catalog to qualify?

Glad to see Premier on there. By the way, have you heard his Branford Marsalis collabo called Buckshot LeFonque?

Anonymous said...

I'd knock off kanye west

everything else is fine except for timbaland being number 1