Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What rocked and what sucked at Intonation

And let's state up front that most things rocked.

Boredoms. The festival's gorgeous sound system got the contours of this group's hypnotic repetition and sonic layers, capturing every detail of the group's three drummers + one keyboardist/shouter, its ridiculously well-honed sense of timing, its penchant for shape-shifting, transforming beats. Transcendent.

Chromeo. "Ironic" flying V, novelty misuse of a perfectly fine vocoder, every song performed with a self-satisfied smirk. This shit has been played out at least since Trans Am went off the rails.

Mild disappointment:
Ghostface. Expectations too high? Or is it just that a set based on yelling and running around (and overreliance on hypemen) erases the subtleties and verbal play of the records? Look, this performance was still very good--and things definitely picked up after he got all those girls onstage--but I'm just saying, it had a whiff of the perfunctory.

AMillionMonkeys loves indie rock!:
The Stills: excellent rock band, one of the festival's pleasant surprises. Would I like them on record? We will probably never know...

Most slept on:
Devin the Dude, whose relaxed, melodic, funny set did not disappoint. A modest crowd was assembled, but at 2pm in the steaming hot sun the crowd for this performance was a bit sparse.

Dead Prez. George Bush is "way worse than Bin Laden"? Really? And is the best way to affect social change really to drop out of school and refuse to vote or participate in the political process? This is not revolution, comrades; this is schtick.

The future of rap:
Lupe Fiasco. Second-best act of the festival. Besides having a lame fluffer group come out & perform two songs before deigning to appear, Lupe's set was impeccable. The kid's got star quality, I tell you! And skillz, and an irresistable single; his record will be one of this year's best.

Not the future of rap:
Rhymefest. I mean he seemed good-natured and all, but a little lacking in the charisma department, no?

Not my thing:
Robert Pollard, The Sword, Roky Erickson. That's cool if you like them, though.

Boring live:

The British:
All good.


JM said...

Thanks, I like this.

I know I am getting up there but I am glad to hear that my take on Dead Prez is not too far off.

Saxdrop said...

Glad to hear Lupe's promise carries over to the stage.

Macky Olé said...

Sorry I missed it, as I've heard mostly good things. Alison and I saw the Stills a few years back and they were pretty solid -- she even got invited on their tour bus! I was soooo jealous! Their first album is pretty good in that sour, dreary, Interpol-ish but poppier -kind of way. The new disc, from what I've heard, is pure syrup. Not sure if that is a good thing, but I'd see them again.

From what I hear the Boredoms really caught everyone by surprise -- sorta like Four Tet at last year's fest.

You going to Pitchfork as well?

Doug N said...

You forgot to mention the "why-are-all-those-old-stoners-here-yearh-they're-pretty-good" band, Blue Cheer. Last time in Chicago and arrested for smoking dope. Awesome.

Nicole said...

"amillionmonkeys loves indie rock." I've got that on record!

No thoughts on the Streets?

Nicole said...

Oh wait, I didn't see "the British" at the bottom. Understood.

I also agree the the Boredoms were the surprise hit of the festival. Fantastic.