Sunday, October 22, 2006

The weekend is a time to make lists

Things the right and left can agree on, British comedians edition: Conservative pundit John Podhoretz thinks Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is "one of the four or five funniest movies ever made." Atrios agrees! It's a bipartisan love-fest!

...And as long as we are on the subject, what are the four or five funniest movies ever made?

Here's a list, you know, for fun. Note that "funniest movie ever made" is not the same thing as "best comedy" and off we go:

10. Tommy Boy
9. Anchorman
8. The Big Lebowski
7. Modern Times
6. Young Frankenstein
5. Groundhog Day
4. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
3. Best in Show
2. Office Space
1. The Jerk

Now obviously the whole fun of lists is arguing about them. What movie am I crazy to think is funny? Who am I unjustly leaving out? Topic: Funniest movies ever. Discuss.


el vaquero frio said...

Best In Show but no Spinal Tap!? You're out of your gourd, cat!

haahnster said...

Oh, hell yes! I'll take that bait.

That's a damned fine list. Caddyshack and Animal House are glaring omissions, however. Also, you have no Farrelly Brothers or Ben Stiller. I'd kill both of those birds with one stone: There's Something About Mary!

Rob said...

Spinal Tap is well beloved, but I guess I just like the puppies in Best in Show.

Caddyshack and There's Something About Mary are both hilarious. Animal House, in my opinion, is just not that funny when John Belushi is not onscreen.

g33kgrrl said...

I enjoy your pro-puppy agenda.

On movies:
Ghostbusters? I suppose Groundhog Day almost makes up for that.

I appreciate the inclusion of a Gene Wilder movie, especially Young Frankenstein.

I also appreciate the Anchorman inclusion. Ahhhh, Anchorman.

This would be a hard list for me to make, as there are so many key movies I've never seen that I don't know if I could feel confident in my selections.

Jeremy said...

I can't find White Chicks

candycanesammy said...

the jackass movies.

Saxdrop said...

In: Blazing Saddles, PCU, Super Troopers, This is Spinal Tap

Out: O Brother..., Modern Times (I thought that movie was actually kind of tragic), Best In Show, Young Frankenstein.

I agree with you, Rob, about Animal House.

Rob said...

Super Troopers! What an oversight, I forgot all about that movie. It should definitely be on there...

haahnster said...

"Farva, your suspension continues."

I wondered about that omission, given your posting of the opening scene a few weeks back.

Now, admittedly, I haven't watched Animal House in a few years. Thus, I cannot comment on the non-Belushi scenes in detail. However, I will state unequivocally that Animal House is funnier than PC-f*cking-U. Wow.

Jeremy, your comment elicited a near snort. Luckily, I was able to cover it with a quick cough. Office decorum was uninterrupted, thankfully.

haahnster said...

In fact, I think it's obvious on its face that PCU would never even have been made without the previous success of Animal House. Or, am I missing an inside joke here?

scuddie said...

My favorites include Groundhog's Day, Best in Show
But I agree with g33kgirl, Young Frankenstein should be in there. As should be Some Like it Hot.

And what the hell is the movie "Modern Times"???
Did you make that up?

Rob said...

"Modern Times" is Charlie Chaplin, baby! I saw that movie at the Wexner Center in Columbus, I think, and I did most definitely laugh at it.

On the other hand, Saxdrop may be onto something--it's maybe better suited to a list of best comedies than "funniest ever." The best comedies list would also include, like, "Annie Hall" and "Rushmore" and other non-knee-slappers that are just good films.

Nick said...

Jesus Christ Rob, how do you not put Team America on there? That is easily the finest comedy yet made. Now suck my cock!

haahnster said...

"Freedom isn't free/No, there's a hefty, fuckin' fee"

Team America was funny. But, I'd still take South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut over it. In fact the South Park movie would be #1 on an all-time best musicals list, too.

Rob said...

Yeah I need to get South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut onto this list with the quickness. I'll bump Modern Times and (sad to say) Tommy Boy in favor of it and Super Troopers...

Nicole said...

Anchorman is so deserving.

Doug N & Teddy too said...

Sorry to see you bail so easily on the old school throw back. Although, I would suggest the Philadelphia Story or Sullivan's Travels as better constructed comedies.

As for unsung modern day classics, Tommy Boy definitely deserves props, but Dumb and Dumber deserves an honorable mention. And no mention of Blues Brothers, Clerks or any of the drug breakthrough movies of Cheech and Chong. Questionable indeed.

candycanesammy said...

as for old shit, check out "it happened one night", with clark gable in full-on pimp mode. there's a scene where he eats carrots really fast that was the direct inspiration for bugs bunny. true story.

Chuck said...

I'd go with Steamboat Bill Jr. over Modern Times, but I'm a Buster Keaton guy.

Also--c'mon, no Python? I know everyone's sick of nerds quoting them ad nauseum, but Life of Brian has to be in there.

flybynt said...

Python is alive and well in rerun heaven. A whoe new generation is discovering the joy of Python. Life of Brian is a classic. Something About Mary and It Happened One Night would be on my list.
Where will movie comedy come from next? No one has mentioned the Stooges, L & H, nor Hope & Crosby. Comedy icons of todays club scene and TV do not transfer well to the silver screen. An exception might be the very talented E. Murphy.
So here's my question: Who in Comedy will be the one to watch in movies?

skirt said...

clearly, none of you have ever seen "Wet Hot American Summer." It is clearly the funniest thing I have ever watched. This is then followed by Python...