Monday, November 06, 2006


Okay, I've made up my mind on Illinois governor, for me it's Whitney. Thanks to all commenters on the previous thread.

Here's a partial list of who I'll be voting for:

Governor: Rich Whitney (G). Topinka is not good enough, doesn't have the power or the will to clean up Springfield.
Secretary of State: Dan Rutherford (R). Jesse White is too ridiculous, a pure creature of the machine.
Attorney General: Lisa Madigan (D). She's a good Dem, not one of Blagojevich's people, and she's been serving Illinois well.
Treasurer: Christine Radogno (R). Democrat Alexi Giannoulias seems like a crook.
Comptroller: Dan Hynes (D). Another non-crooked Illinois Democrat. We need to encourage these people.
Cook County Board President: Tony Peraica (R). This is an important race. Peraica is a genuine reformer who can do real good for the county. Todd Stroger is an imbecile. Peraica is what the Cook County Board needs.

And yes, come to think of it, my ballot bears a strong resemblance to the Beachwood Reporter's, that's only because I too have an interest in throwing the bums out and smashing the machine...

UPDATE ... Forgot to mention U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, for whom I happily voted today. On ballot advisories, voted against the gun ban, for the minimum wage increase and for bringing troops home from Iraq.


Bettina said...

Are we talking about the same Tony Peraica who just received a mega-donation from that bastion of true reformers -- the Cicero Republican Party? Or the Tony Peraica who was swept into office a few short years ago by Betty-Loren Maltese and Ed Vridolyak? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... What exactly has Peraica done to deserve the moniker "true reformer" other than announce that's what he wants to be? He has gotten absolutely nothing accomplished in his 3 short years in public office, and there's no evidence he'll be any different in the future. This is the guy that doesn't even show up to vote on his own bills, and when he can be bothered to vote, is proud that he, and only he, voted for it. I can only hope that both Stroger AND Gomolinski beat him, leaving Peraica to go back to stealing homes and money from the poorest people in Cook County (aka, his law practice).

Rob said...

Yes, yes, Cicero is a crooked place. But the problem with the Cook Co. Board is its machine-bloated payroll and dirty hiring practices--things Peraica could do something about as pres., and things we know for sure Stroger would do nothing about.