Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Win some lose some

A resounding 30 percent of the people of Chicago have spoken and the results are what they are.

Surprise: Arenda Troutman's loss in Ward 20. Who knew getting indicted for allegedly taking bribes would be enough to lose an aldermanic election? This could represent progress of a sort...

Bright spots: Reilly beats Natarus in the 42nd, Sandi Jackson beats Darcel Beavers in the 7th.

Mayor: Whatever.

Safe for now: Vi Daley (43rd) [UPDATE: Looks like Vi "No Relation" Daley is headed for a run-off], Bernie Stone (50th), Danny Solis (25th)

The Trib has a roundup of the aldermanic elections and some good video up, including Arenda Troutman ranting about a conspiracy.

UPDATE [2/28 9:18am] ... More runoffs. Looks like a late-breaking surge in Ward 50 means a run-off for Bernie Stone, too. Good luck Naisy Dolar! Two incumbents I want to win are facing run-offs, too: Dorothy Tillman (3rd) and Rey Colon (35th).


Third Generation Chicago Native said...

I am glad to see that the 20th Ward residents voted responsibly and got all the gang bangers out including the Alderman

Levois said...

Man those results of that last election were great. Just about either met or exceeded my expectations. This was a very exciting election. Yeah turnout was low, but you know it's great we got so many alderman sweating for re-election.

BTW, I know you want Tillman to win. I would wonder why. Still as much I'd be surprised if she lost, I wouldn't be very upset.

Rob said...

I don't know, I guess I just like the hat. I am not really so invested in Tillman, but I respect her independence from Daley. She also opposed the big box ordinance for what I thought were the right reasons -- she wasn't sucking up to the mayor, she just wanted a damn Target for her ward.