Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brother Ali gets deep

Nas's Hip-Hop is Dead was not much of an album ("Black Republican" is good) but to music writers it was a boon. Here rapper Brother Ali answers the question in a new way:
When Nietzsche said, "God is dead," he was saying that religion as a means of upholding morals and decency was extinct. Religious people freaked out, but they couldn't deny the reality that the church had lost its grip on the people. Nas isn't saying hip-hop doesn't exist anymore. He's saying that it's lost its power to educate and empower people. I think he made that statement to the people in the industry to let them know that, as a whole, they've lost their way.
From the Tribune piece by Andy Downing, who had the idea to call a bunch of rappers for their opinions. Brother Ali has the best response but there are some other good ones.

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