Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blagojevich is not Columbo

Zorn's wishful thinking on the governor:
My hope, and I admit it's farfetched, is that Blagojevich knows exactly what he's doing. He's merely been acting the part of a stubborn, arrogant, tone-deaf governor in order to serve as a rodeo clown -- the comical distraction that offers safety for the cowboy of sensible tax reform in Illinois. ...

[W]ittingly or not, Blagojevich has given great cover to backers of alternative plans including income tax hikes: Next to him, they now look like cautious, reasonable, flexible, job-friendly, fair-minded and brave Solons who know a good tax from a bad tax.
(Original emphasis.) He's right, this theory is far-fetched -- based on what we know of Blagojevich, it's really, really, really far-fetched. But I am with Zorn in seeing a possible positive outcome to the governor's terrible tax proposal.

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