Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Keith Richards: Please stop sharing your opinions about genres of music. You are too old. Sincerely, Rob Mentzer

P.S. ... "The rhythms are boring; they're all done on computers." What a joke. What does the first part of that sentence have to do with the second?


haahnster said...

Ol' Keef is just a bit extra cranky since that last fall on his head (from a coconut tree).

Ironically, he found the sound of his head, along with several coconuts, bouncing off the ground to be a quite interesting rhythm, and certainly not computer-generated, either.

In other stunning news, Frank Sinatra never liked rock and roll. Amazing.

Now, as for the Mr. Fascist "Please stop sharing your opinions...You are too old," all I can say is, "Wow!"

Dave said...

I feel the same as Keith does about rap. I won't even call it music because it isn't music.
Most of it is a bunch of gangsters putting out angry poetry (?)

Rob said...

Dave, Dave, Dave. What in your estimation makes music music? Do you think rhythms are somehow less "musical" than melodies? I am not sure you've thought this through!