Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fred Thompson loves Mein Kampf: The proof is in the screencaps!


"Take a look. Take a very long and very hard look."
Back in 1988, Fred Thompson played a neo-Nazi leader on TV. Yesterday's L.A. Times story by Tina Daunt dared to ask the question: "Will Fred Thompson's racist role have political repercussions?"

The answer: Probably not! But Daunt's story left out the most important part, which is of course the images themselves. Now, for the first time anywhere, we've obtained screen captures from "School of Hard Knox," the episode of Wiseguy that featured GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson as a white supremacist leader.

"His politics are just to the right of Genghis Khan."

"Accept a belief in our divinely ordered superiority as a people!"

"This is a gift."

"It's a first printing, and it's signed by the Fuhrer."

"Only you would have the sensitivity to know what this would mean to me. ... Thank you for being the solid rock on which our sacred movement stands."

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