Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mark Silva flacks for McCain

Shouldn't Mark Silva of the Tribune's blog "The Swamp" add a correction or update to this post about the spelling of the word "flack"? Silva wrote:
You know the campaign is heating up when Sen. John McCain of Arizona takes a full-bore shot at Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois -- "two years in the U.S. Senate" -- for misspelling flak jacket.
But "flack" jacket is considered a variant spelling, not a misspelling. Silva's commenters have pointed this out -- jj makes the point that the dictionary says so and tf shows that even the military spells it that way sometimes. Tom J points to this summary of coverage.

McCain's little jab at Obama is factually incorrect, and so is Silva's lede. The evidence has been given to him by readers. Why doesn't he fix it?

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