Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Giuliani and the right

The Washington Post front-pager today titled "Conservatives step up attacks on Giuliani's abortion stance" shows about what you'd expect: Giuliani's Republican rivals opportunistically exploiting his pro-choice views for political gain in their party's primaries. That's no surprise since Republican primary voters are overwhelmingly pro-life.

But wasn't it just a couple short months ago that Roger Simon, chief political columnist to the Politico, was explaining that "there isn't a candidate who profits from raising [the issue of Rudy's social liberalism]"? What became of that theory, I wonder?

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Chicago 2016 said...

How about his ethics? Three wives is a lot to have...

There was an interesting cover story that ran in New York Magazine about Giuliani a few months back. It's a good piece, if anything, from a New Yawk perspective, on his presidential run.