Friday, May 18, 2007

No confidence in Fredo

Boy if 10 Republican senators have already publicly called for Alberto Gonzales to resign, I'd expect even more than that would end up voting no confidence in Gonzales as AG if it came to a vote.

Having specifically offended Sen. Ben Nelson and other conservative Democrats, would Gonzales get the vote of even one Dem in the Senate? (Lieberman? Where's Lieberman on Gonzales these days?)

So how damaging would a lopsided no-confidence vote in Gonzales be to the White House? It'd be nonbinding, but it would sure look pretty bad. Bush's choices for dealing with it would be a.) make Gonzales resign before the vote can happen, b.) have Gonzales step down after the vote, or c.) attack the vote itself as irrelevant Congressional overreach, hope no one cares enough to follow up on it. Isn't a.) the obvious best choice, or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

UPDATE [5/18 8:57pm] ... White House says the no confidence vote comes from the
bottomless bag of tricks that Democrats in the Senate would like to pull out on a weekly basis, regarding the Attorney General.
Looks like they're going with option c.). For now!

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