Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Political disappointments abound this week. Democrats in Congress couldn't find enough support to pass an appropriations bill with a timetable for Iraq withdrawal. Monica Goodling's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was oddly uncompelling. (She got immunity for this? Where's Rove?) And today Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan announced that he doesn't have the votes to pass HB750.

So it looks like the state of Illinois will try to solve its fiscal problems through expanded gambling. This is certainly not the worst option on the table, but it is far from the best. It's a de facto tax on the poor, and it's one of those politically expedient revenue-generators that keep politicians from ever getting anything real done.

Yep, it's been a tough week. If it weren't for the news about Patrick Fitzgerald's subpoenas of Blagojevich campaign records, there would be nothing at all to smile about...

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