Saturday, June 09, 2007

Obama's money, pt. 2

Two major Clinton donors, speaking on the condition their names not be used, said they thought it likely that Obama would raise more than Clinton this quarter. Others close to Clinton claim Obama could top $40 million, which could be an example of artful expectation-setting.
(Emphasis added.) Well it could be, except that it's completely obvious and utterly artless. $40 million! Why not say $100 million? $500 million? I mean, if the idea is to set expectations too high for Obama to meet them...


ryan said...

From the same Politico, Hillary has raised $25M + as of late May. I bet you Hillary comes up on top again.

Rob said...

Thanks Ryan, that is some real confidence out of Terry McAuliffe, I guess Clinton has to back it up now or look pretty bad.

But what about the expectations game? Why do you think McAuliffe would come out with it this way?