Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stay classy, Blago

Rep. John Fritchey blogs about the governor's latest ham-handed attempt to play "hardball":
So in the latest effort to attempt to work with Democratic House members, the Governor's office was behind an anonymous flier that was distributed to attendees at yesterday's Pride Parade. [...]

Did anybody in the administration really think that it was a good idea to try to assail the state's only openly gay legislator, Rep. Harris, for cutting housing resources for HIV/AIDS patients? Via a flyer at the pride parade?

But it has indeed resulted in phone calls. And let's just say that those people that have contacted Rep. Harris and myself were very unhappy. And not with us.

The frosting on the cake is that the Governor's office, directly and through another legislator, denied having any knowledge of the flier. Without wanting to put anybody in a bind, let me just say this. They're lying.

More than one group that receives state funding has indicated that they were contacted by the Administration and asked to assist in the effort. I'm believing them. [...]

And more to the point - in the big picture, what was this possibly going to accomplish? That we would file a motion to reconsider the GRT resolution? That being anonymously blindsided would encourage us to work more closely with the Administration?
So remind me again, what are the procedures for impeaching a governor? Just askin'...

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