Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's topic A is the Sopranos

[NOTE: Spoilers follow, to the extent that this episode of the Sopranos can be "spoiled."]

Everybody is mad at David Chase today, and for good reason. So I think now is the perfect time to point out that I was annoyed at Chase's hey-look-at-me writing style before it was cool.

Having said that, though, I have to ask: Was the series' ending really left as unresolved and up-in-the-air as everyone seems to think? What I saw was a suspicious, out-of-place guy enter the cafe, sit down at the counter while watching the Sopranos at their table, then get up to enter the bathroom. I don't have TiVo so this is just my memory, but it seems to me that the show's last image had Tony looking up at something, maybe startled. Tribune critic Maureen Ryan asks the million-dollar question:
[W]hy did that suspicious-looking guy go into the bathroom? Was that moment a tribute to "The Godfather," which had Michael Corleone famously retrieving a gun from a bathroom before a big hit?
To me the answer is pretty clearly yes. I think Tony got hit.

What do you say?

UPDATE [6/11 11:37pm] ... Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax Blog feels the same way I do, see comment #1 on this thread:
Pretty positive that Tony was whacked and the dark screen indicated that Tony was wrong about there being an afterlife (the insight he gained while tripping on peyote in Vegas).

What did Bobby say? "You never hear it coming." Sudden blank screen with no preceding sound. He’s dead.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Are they trying to leave the door open for a spin off or a movie or something?

Jake said...

I also believe there was a lot of implied resolution in the finale. AJ has his shit together, there's peace between the families, Tony visited Uncle Junior, Tony is almost certainly going to be indicted and going to jail (remember we witnessed a wiretap on one of Tony's phone conversations too) ... I don't believe that guy came to hit Tony. There were a lot of little red herrings in this episode, like when they cut to Meadow parking her car like 5 times, or AJ coming out of the movie studio.

It's not like Chase to actually have a secret message. His point is usually that there is no such thing, so I'm going with the "unresolved" resolution, which fits better with the setup of the previous 6 seasons.

Rob said...

Some people do feel the way you do, Kelly. Personally I would be pretty disgusted if this were the case, though.

Jake, your account does add some doubt to my version. It is true that there were already so many red herrings that there's no obvious reason why "mystery guy in cafe" couldn't have been yet more misdirection. But if that is the case I'm back to being annoyed with the storytelling.

I'll tell you this: The Wire would never pull some shit like this! The Wire's series finale will not do this to us!

haahnster said...

Dead as a doornail!