Friday, August 03, 2007

Two roads diverged

I came across this graph from The American. The first thing I noticed was the major uptick for National and Whites between last year and this year, and that after a two year decline no less. Why? My initial thought is the rise of Obama. It may obtuse to hitch a national statistic to one person or phenomenon, but I can't really think of anything else.

Then I noticed, why do Blacks diverge so heavily (it's not the magnitude, but the direction). Given, the 2006-07 decline continues the previous trend, but it actually becomes more pronounced. And why, with the rest of the country turning around in their belief, do blacks not do so as well. Is this really a case and point of the state of black-white relations? Does the "Obama effect" work in opposite directions for different people.

Note: The source is Gallup Online, 2007.

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Rob said...

This is incredibly interesting, and really quite weird. Obama is as good a theory as any for why whites would think everything is getting much better, but I don't see how Obama would account for the swift decline among blacks.

Whatever it is, these data probably do not bode well.