Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Will it be possible to get the straight story from this group?

"Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Ed Begley Jr. and Bob Balaban have been set by HBO Films to star in 'Recount,' the drama about the controversial Florida results in the 2000 presidential election."

Rest of the story here. Should be a fun movie nonetheless.

UPDATE [9/25 9:30 AM]: I realized it may not be clear what I was implying.

Total Democratic/left-wing PAC contributions by individual:
Kevin Spacey - $29,000
Laura Dern - $800
Denis Leary - $2000
Ed Begley, Jr. - $16,100
Bob Balaban - $2300

Total Republican/right-wing PAC contributions by individual:
none found

UPDATE [9/26 5:36 PM]: At Haahnster's request...

Sydney Pollack (Exec. Producer) - $75,150 to Dem/left-wing (although he did give $1,000 to McCain in 2000)
Kevin Spacey (Producer) - see above
Paula Weinstein (Exec. Producer) - $22,825 to Dem/left-wing
Danny Strong (Writer) - $500 to Dem/left-wing


haahnster said...

Is it going to be an improv?

If not, they'll probably be reciting dialogue written by others. Spontaneous outbursts of liberalism could just wind up on the cutting room floor.

Now, show us the donations of the writer(s), producer(s) and director(s), and you might make a more persuasive case.

Rob said...


Besides, who wants the straight story? I want my movies to have heroes and villains. Wearing different colored hats if possible, it is much easier to follow that way.

Logan said...

Nice work following the money. Did you see the piece in USA Today about students donating thousands of dollars to presidential campaigns? I found a few students around here who have rich families and who donated the max $2300 to Romney. No way a student is spending that kind of their own cash on a primary election. Search for students under occupation and I bet you find some in Wausau.