Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do conservatives hate goofy fat guys and their families?

This picture is all over the place since Huckabee started doing well. It's always attached to articles ostensibly written about his surge in the polls or something.

Is it an innocent (though noticeably out of date) stock photo from the Huckabee campaign? Or is it meant to telegraph a more sinister message:

"Hey are these dopey bastards really the people we want in the White House? Would Osama Bin Laden be afraid of those silly barber shop quartet shirts? Think about it."


the cold cowboy said...

to be fair, the former governor is formerly fat.

it is in fact a testament to his steadfast resolve -- the same resolve that he shall brandish at quivering terrorists and freedom-haters the world over -- that he is no longer red-faced and slovenly.

Don Hotdog said...

Once again the cowboy completely misses the mark.

I think we've seen the foreign policy results of an exercise obsessed president. Bush and his goddamn mountain bike anyone?

Give me back Bill Clinton's big doughy thighs. I want a big, lusty president that eats baskets of gravy fries at his desk in the oval office.

Rob said...

I am waiting until after the new year to announce my third party run. The nation cries out for the doughy thighs of a leader!

But yes, something tells me Drudge has more flattering photographs of Huckabee on file than this one...

Don Hotdog said...

One more thing...

The headline of the drudge report article is Huckaboom, Boom, Boom.

Lets see....
Thats three "Booms", one for each fatso in the picture. Real subtle Drudge.

Saxdrop said...

In reference to your Huckabee post below, conservatives are scared of Huckabee because he has questionable (to put it charitably) fiscal conservative credentials. Club for Growth has done an extensive job cataloging his heterodoxes as a Republican governor.

As you've pointed out before, the conservative camp comes in the fiscal team and the social team. At least here in the beltway, the fiscal team is the NE Patriots, well rhetorically anyway...few Republicans govern that way.

I dont know what this says about the true influence of the social con wing of the party, whether the establishment always thought lip service was sufficient to keep them in the tent. Reagan, Nixon, Bush Sr., Goldwater for that matter were never totally comfortable accepting the evangelical element, but the ones who won were willing to talk the talk to get elected.

But more fundamentally, Huckabee is as much an old school Dem as he is an R. His social positions are really not so different than the Dixiecrats that came before him, and he's a total nanny-stater. his instincts are for an expansive government which perfects society through regulation and taxation.

Gas? Tax it. Don't like fat? Tax it. his whole Road to Damascus conversion on obesity has led to frightening zeal in the lengths he thinks the national government should go to fight it.

Grover Norquist wants to accept his contrition and believe that Huckabee has learned the errors of his fiscal ways. I don't buy it. But I'll tell you one thing, nothing would be better for the Democratic nominee than a Huckabee nomination.

Conservatives hate Huckabee cause he's no conservative.