Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Note: Huckabee in Green

Is such an exponential rise in popularity precedented? My prediction:

Iowa: Hucakbee
NH: Romney
SC: Romney/McCain (tie)
Giuliani still comes away with the nom.


Jeremy said...

Much like Chuck Norris's fists of steel!

Rob said...

But how does that sequence domino into a Giuliani nomination? Just that there's no clear frontrunner and so the party coalesces around Rudy?

I dunno. Why would Rudy be the guy? If there's going to be any coalescing going on, wouldn't it be around Romney (the stop-Huckabee candidate) or McCain (the Kerryesque "electable" candidate)?

I can actually imagine Huckabee's support cratering in Iowa -- he could turn out to be the Howard Dean of 2008. If that happens, I think Romney runs the table: Iowa, NH, SC, nomination. If the early states are a total mush, though, I think McCain benefits the most.

But really who the hell knows what Iowans will do.