Thursday, January 31, 2008

Debate Lessons

I thought both candidates did a pretty good job tonight. Hillary got in her pre-packaged one-liner about Clintons cleaning up after Bushes that will probably resonate. Obama got to watch Hillary try to explain her Iraq vote for 1/4 of the program - a clear winner for him.

I think Barry needs to work on making his points more concise, and waiting for applause. I think Hillary needs to work on not smirking and laughing like she's crazed.

And I think that Wolf Blitzer is a bumbling schlemiel.


stridewideman said...

Kudos for schlemiel. MoveOn endorsing Barack is another exciting piece of things, but it does make me worry some.

Does MoveOn repel core Dem voters these days? Or is B.H.O.'s base young enough, black enough, or otherwise new enough that they don't care about MoveOn? Or is MoveOn cool with everyone these days, the Petreus fiasco forgotten?

the cold cowboy said...

i think it's a net positive... among democratic voters i'm not sure those who disagree with MoveOn's tactics (I would count myself among that group) would see their endorsement as monumental enough to switch support.

But it's something that creates more of a problem in the general, given his vocal denunciation of 527s in the past. I reckon the Clinton camp could try to make a point out of that but again, it probably won't resonate unless MoveOn puts out some dumb negative mailer.