Monday, January 28, 2008

Dick Morris, Professional Buffoon

So, I admit to watching Fox News as often as I can stomach it, which usually nets to about an hour or two each week. (Hey, when I spend all my politically-oriented TV time watching Keith Olbermann, I become too insulated from the evil that lurks to my right. He does such a good job of skewering their bullshit that it's difficult to envision that anyone on the extreme right could ever present anything in an even remotely persuasive fashion.)

OK, preamble over. Here's the deal. Twice late last week (which was exactly how many times I had Fox News on), on two different programs, I saw DICK Morris stating that a key part of the Clinton strategy in playing the race card (which presumes of course that they are--which I think I agree with) was in anticipation of an overwhelming margin for Obama among black voters in South Carolina. The idea was that by focusing on race, the ensuing result could trigger a backlash among white voters on Super Tuesday. I believe the hypothetical margin Morris mentioned was "four or five to one"......hmmmmmmmmmmmm. DICK fleshed out his scenario with a little personal anecdote: "For example, I don't care that Romney is Mormon. But, when I hear that 95% of Mormons in Nevada went for Romney, it makes me pause and say, 'What's going on here?'..." [NOTE: This is actually a paraphrase, not a direct quote--but I think it's pretty close, and certainly an accurate representation of what he said.]

The Obama victory in South Carolina was a sweeping one, turnout was huge, and the margins among black voters were in the "four or five to one" range. Is there a backlash coming? Or, is DICK Morris just the horse's ass I think he is?

PS - I wanted to include a photo of the man, but Yahoo! Image Search warned me that "Dick Morris" could return "adult content", which is a chance I can't take at work... :-)


the cold cowboy said...

Man, I'm with you. Dick Morris is a class-A hack. His column in The Hill was beyond asinine and was read by hill staffers for pure entertainment value.

Also, when he came to my (and Rob's) college campus to sell the idea that his dumbass website ( I think?) would be the "future of democracy", a reliable informant saw him emerge from a men's room stall without washing his hands. Then he went outside and shook everyone's hand he could find.

Saxdrop said...

The value in Morris is that he's a bipartisan trash-talker with the credentials to get listened to. He also is not afraid to go out on a limb and make bold predictions (however wrong they end up being) whereas all the talking heads on Hardball (my favorite zoo exhibit) almost always try to couch everthing, or otherwise just reiterate conventional wisdom.

But buffoon? Probably.

Rob said...

Didn't Dick Morris write a book or something about how the 2008 race would be between Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice? I guess she still has time to get in...