Thursday, January 31, 2008

Edwards Voters' Choice

Sure, maybe it's not scientific, and maybe it only applies to lefty blog-readers.. But the DailyKos weekly straw poll of readers has pretty stunning numbers after Edwards' departure:

Clinton - 9
Edwards - 42
Obama - 41

Clinton - 11
Obama - 76


stridewideman said...

Sure. If you're a rabid, progressive blogger type, then you break Obama. You're probably hoping like hell that Hillary will implode.

Edwards supporters were already the farthest left of mainstream voters(y'know, people who weren't for Kucinich and meant it, I think), and then are moved more towards the middle to Obama. Hillary is the Republican's Dem.

Rob said...

Edwards' positions were the furthest left of the Big 3 candidates, but I am not sure that is true of most of his supporters, especially in southern states.

On the other hand, the activist-types and highly informed voters (a la DailyKos straw poll voters) who were for Edwards will follow exactly the pattern you say, stridewide, and that is not nothing. Possible GOTV impact in some places?

Meantime Barry has raised, what was it, $500 billion this month? And he is within striking distance in Cali? Barry is still in it.

the cold cowboy said...

also, i know very little about El Piolin other than what i've read today, but this seems like it could be huge.

Don Hotdog said...

Ted Kennedy has a vague, tangenitial association with lions. El Piolin has lionized him. He's a Liberal Lion. Lions, Lions, Lions. King of the forest.