Thursday, January 17, 2008

There is nothing wrong with Obama's Reagan analogy

Why in the world would anyone be annoyed at Barack Obama's Ronald Reagan self-comparison? Ronald Reagan obviously did "change the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not." This is not the same thing as saying "Ronald Reagan was a great president." Have any of the Democrats who are complaining at Obama ever heard of the "Reagan coalition"? Fraying as it may be, it remains the basic structure of the Republican party.

Whether or not you think Bill Clinton was a good president, there is no comparable "Clinton coalition" on the Democratic side.


Kairsten said...

That's exactly what I was thinking when I heard about this in Keith Olbermann last night. It's not a value judgement, it's a statement of fact. I find the spin of it very furstrating.

Also, the word verification for this is broken in Firefox. You can see my passion for commenting on this by the fact that I actually opened IE just to comment.

Kairsten said...

Umm... on Keith Olbermann, not in, and frustrating, not furstrating.

Furstrated is how I feel when I'm wondering how my cat keeps shedding so much, even in the winter.

Rob said...

Come to think of it, isn't one of Matt Stoller et al.'s main complaints about Bill Clinton the fact that he didn't build a lasting progressive coalition? That argument is that Clinton's triangulation and centrism kept the country from realigning itself behind a liberal agenda. Clintonism was "Republican lite." So...? Now they don't want a president to try to "change the trajectory"?

I could understand the argument that Obama is not the guy who can do it. But just simply putting a taboo on the words "Ronald Reagan" is silly.

the cold cowboy said...

It's beyond silly, and these left wing blog comments are nauseating. That's why they're called Knee-jerk Liberals. Take a break from your piety to think about what the man is saying.

Reagan was able to bring people who didn't care about politics (or Republicans) into the fold while taking the country way to the right and convincing people that's what they wanted all along. Who among progressives hasn't hoped for somebody on the Democratic side to do the same thing in the opposite direction?

Or, as one MyDD commenter suggested, could Obama really be talking about recruiting Lee Atwater?


Don Hotdog said...

That's why the comment boards on mydd and dailykos get so annoying. Its all a bunch of obnoxious turds.

I'm much more comfortable amongst the rational, contemplative, fairminded citizens of amillionmonkeys.

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