Friday, February 15, 2008

Best line I read today

From this AP story about Bush's new Africa agenda and six-day tour of the continent:
His African travels are not about peacemaking, but Bush said that during the trip, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will split off to Kenya to support political reconciliation led by former U.N. chief Kofi Annan.
Bush offered to delay going to Africa if it would help settle an unrelated fight with Congress about a terrorist surveillance law. He did not make clear how such a postponement would help.
Unintentionally hilarious. As a sidebar, I was on the Hill yesterday and by chance got to see the walkout by Republicans. Minority staff was excited to see their guys come together and act like, ya know, the minority for once. I think everyone else just thought, "are you kidding me?"

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haahnster said...

I think Olbermann's "Special Comment" was on the mark last night about the FISA extension (though I seem unable to raise my own ire about it to nearly the level of Keith's). How can Bush claim that failure to extend FISA puts American lives at risk, while at the same time saying that he will veto any FISA Act that does not include retroactive immunity for telecom giants? Or, rather, how can he do those things without admitting to valuing telecom interests over the safety of the U.S.

...unless, of course, lack of FISA extension really poses no greater threat to American safety.

...which makes the Republican walkout every bit as ridiculous as it seemed.

I am pretty freakin' sick of all the fear mongering. I think I do, in fact, prefer "hope mongering" after all.