Sunday, February 10, 2008

Everything helps McCain

From today's Politico Playbook by Mike Allen (which I do like and get a lot of info from):
The losses are a headache for Team [McCain] but has NO practical effect besides amping up the gusher of stories about McCain and the right. Don't forget these stories will HELP Sen. McCain with INDEPENDENTS come the fall - they will love that he's no captive of the right.
Really? What if they force him to become a captive of the right? We know McCain has the nomination sewn up, but the fact is that he is going to have to do some major sucking up between now and November to sell himself to his party's activist base. It is not just Limbaugh.

Now, it's possible that the sucking up won't drive independents away. But it easily could and that is a real risk -- not just a "headache" -- that McCain is going to have to deal with. However, pointing this out would require departing from the time-honored Washington media truism that everything is good for McCain. So nevermind.

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Saxdrop said...

McCain's reception at CPAC ( this week was less than enthusiastic, and they were still riled up for Romney (probably more so now that he's no longer viable).

But McCain's failure (or ability, depending on how one sees it) of not taking on right-wing leaders and professing contrition seems to indicate that he doesn't think he necessarily needs ALL of the right-wing, just the part that's willing to hold their nose to vote against Hilary.