Wednesday, February 06, 2008

F*cking Politics

Now I remember why following politics too closely eventually makes me feel like I'm going to puke my guts out. This otherwise quasi-encouraging article just has to go ruin my week by quoting an unnamed member of the Clinton camp as referring to Obama's "establishment" campaign. (Shit, I can't find the link now. I rebooted my computer just to wash away the filth of that remark. Sorry.)

Jee-zus. The freaking Clinton camp is using "establishment" in a derisive tone... about Obama?!!

I guess I weigh 'established' people endorsing a candidate as less "establishment" than, you know, having your former-President husband as your #1 surrogate!!!!!!!

F*ck me. I might have to be done for a few days. Or, at least until this queasiness passes...


Anonymous said...

"suck it up, rob!"

were i a coors-swilling midwestern varsity football coach, that'd be my advice. i'm not one of those (yet), so might i suggest:

a diversion?

would you consider doing a hit piece on these so-called "superdelegates" and their obviously corrosive impact on the health of the campaign? who are these apparently parahuman entities, and why should we trust them? just whose welfare do they have in mind?

anyway, it's obvious to me, as a nonpartisan, that the role these quasilluminati play will be to hand the nomination to clinton (despite popular opposition), leaving the party divided and effectively handing the general election to john "end abortion" mccain.

genius, dems.

Rob said...

"Suck it up, haahnster," you mean.

But yes, I am working to expose the parahumanities of the so-called superdelegates even as we speak.

Anonymous said...

thanks. and sorry. i get excited sometimes, and stupid.

- ndr

unrelated postscript: if you haven't yet, check out d.f. wallace's excerpt in the february issue of harper's. can't wait for the rest.

Rob said...

NDR: I just read that DFW story, thought it was really pretty great. And, no footnotes!