Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frank Rich has been reading AMillionMonkeys

My friend Matt sent the link to Frank Rich's Sunday NYT column, which as he said "takes Hillary apart somethin' fierce." But I couldn't help but note that Rich is totally biting the Cold Cowboy's post of last Sunday. Here is just a small part of Rich's plagiarism:
Even as Mrs. Clinton clings to her latest firewall -- the March 4 contests -- she is still being outhustled. Last week she told reporters that she "had no idea" that the Texas primary system was "so bizarre" (it's a primary-caucus hybrid), adding that she had "people trying to understand it as we speak." Perhaps her people can borrow the road map from Obama's people. In Vermont, another March 4 contest, The Burlington Free Press reported that there were four Obama offices and no Clinton offices as of five days ago. For what will no doubt be the next firewall after March 4, Pennsylvania on April 22, the Clinton campaign is sufficiently disorganized that it couldn't file a complete slate of delegates by even an extended ballot deadline.

This is the candidate who keeps telling us she's so competent that she'll be ready to govern from Day 1.
I actually thought the column felt a lot like piling on, but whatever. It's true Obama's campaign has seemed more organized and better prepared at just about every turn. Learning about the Texas rules after putting the firewall storyline out there is embarrassing any way you slice it.


the cold cowboy said...

don't worry, it's not plagiarism - Frank is a national co-chair of my campaign.

haahnster said...

don't worry, it's not plagiarism - Frank is a national co-chair of my campaign.


Apparently, it's not plagiarism if you lift it straight from your husband's speeches, either. I'm so fucking sick of Hillary now. I've drifted from I-prefer-Obama-but-I'd-be-OK-with-Hillary-too all the way into fuck-Hillary-and-all-the-bullshit-she's-trying-to-pull.

Oh, well. If she does backdoor her way into the nomination, I guess it won't be all bad. She'll lose in the general, and I'll pay lower taxes for four more years.