Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I think I'm actually OK with the idea of a President Hillary Clinton. I'm just scared shitless of a Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. I.e., capable I believe she is (that's Yoda sentence structure, in case you didn't recognize). Electable I worry she is not...especially against McCain. And, DAMN the thought of a President John "100 Years in Iraq" McCain.


Rob said...

You know, I am coming around to the view (maybe conveniently) that McCain will actually not be a very good general election candidate. He knows literally nothing about the economy, he's 100 years old, not a very good speaker, etc. etc.

Independents do like him for some reason, but I think conditions are such that he is beatable.

That said, 1.) Why risk it? and 2.) I see a President Hillary Clinton as competent and cautious and centrist, but absolutely no way transformative, and 3.) The makeup of Congress matters a lot to what any president can get done in 2009. Which Democrat has the best chance of bringing in Congressional victories on their coattails? I don't think it's HRC...

the cold cowboy said...

I agree that McCain is not as good a candidate as people think. The more you see of him, the less you like him.

In debates he's gruff, smirky, and standoffish to a fault. He repeats himself over and over again without much substance and then immediately adopts a goofy, pompous grin. And tying his competence in foreign affairs to ongoing developments in the Iraq War is a crap shoot.

When he speaks, he says "my friends" so much it's disgusting, and totally disingenuous. The more you hear him the more he sounds like the same old politician. Pitted against Obama, these weaknesses are magnified tenfold.

haahnster said...

Pitted against Obama, these weaknesses are magnified tenfold.

That's why I'm afraid of McCain v. Hillary. His weaknesses could be magnified much less than tenfold against her. And, even if they are magnified 9.9-fold against her, is that enough to overcome the remarkably high % of the electorate that flat out dislikes/hates her?

I agree with Rob...why risk it? Which returns me to the title of this post: OBAMA!

the cold cowboy said...

I heartily concur.

stridewideman said...

I concur, but then let's remember that McCain's viability is hobbled within his own party by the fact that the conservative wing despises him. It's fun watching those guys devide the party and marginalize themselves.

Either way, it helps either Obama or HRC.

Nicole said...

I agree with everything that has been said in this post and in the comments. I am starting to find the idea of a John McCain candidacy less fearful, but still think that having Hillary as the Dem will help rally the conservatives around McCain and get past their differences out of sheer hatred.

McCain/Huckabee- comical or frightening?