Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Upon reading that Barack Obama didn't get any special deal out of Tony Rezko's purchase of land adjacent to his home, Steve Rhodes of the Beachwood Reporter, who has invested heavily in the idea that there is something very sinister about all this, is likely to a.) ignore this news completely, b.) issue a limited mea culpa, something along the lines of "okay this purchase wasn't shady but Obama still knew Tony Rezko and, look, Rezko got indicted!", c.) launch into an extended diatribe about how this changes nothing, Obama is still crooked, hope is for suckers and blah blah blah.

I predict a.). The least likely by far is b.). I am looking forward to finding out in the morning. I haven't had any reason to read one of his "The Papers" columns in ages so this is a new thing for me...

UPDATE [2/19 10:58am] ... Whaddya know, the correct answer was all of the above. Rhodes a.) ignores the no-special-deal news, b.) goes on at length about how Obama totally knew Rezko, and c.) concludes that "the campaign's maneuver only heightens suspicions."

Of course, at this point, if the campaign ordered sandwiches for lunch, Rhodes would probably say that that, too, "only heightens suspicions."

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