Thursday, March 13, 2008


No idea where this is coming from, but uber-insider Mark Halperin has the following on Michigan/Florida negotiations in the Democratic party:
–Michigan's 156 delegates would be split 50-50 between Clinton and Obama.

–Florida's existing delegates would be seated at the Denver convention—but with half a vote each. That would give Clinton a net gain of about 19 elected delegates.

– The two states' superdelegates would then be able to vote in Denver, likely netting Clinton a few more delegates.
If I am the Obama campaign, I take this option in a heartbeat. Sure, he could probably do better than 50-50 in a Michigan revote. But that would require the clusterfuck of setting up revotes in both states, which would be just one more excuse for the Clinton campaign to stretch things out.

If I am the Clinton campaign, though, don't I benefit from more chaos and uncertainty about what is going to happen in these states? Wouldn't this agreement be just further proof that Clinton can't make up the delegate gap?

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the cold cowboy said...

i agree - take the deal, barry.