Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lavinegate's bonus Steve Rhodes angle!

Eric Zorn returns to Lavinegate again today, posting a long pro-Lavine letter from advertising prof Tom Hayden, who I never had, along with his own interstitial commentary picking apart Hayden's fairly desperate, disingenuous argument.

It occurs to me that there is a bonus Steve Rhodes angle to Lavinegate, which is that Rhodes, who went to Medill, used to work for John Lavine. Here he is calling it an "amazing experience."

Thinking about the story, you might think it hits on a number of Rhodes's points of specialization: It's Chicago-related, scandal-related and journalism-related. (It provides no opportunity that I can see to bash Obama, but I am sure an inventive writer could find a way.) And yet Rhodes, arbiter of all things journalistic, has not had a comment yet.

Is this odd, or not? Lavinegate is not the biggest story in the news right now. But it's a battle over journalistic ethics raging in the Chicago area. The Tribune weighed in with an editorial. Isn't this the sort of thing the Beachwood Reporter comments on?

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