Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Judas

Even I am getting sick of paying attention to politics these days, and I've more or less ignored or shrugged at the constant back-and-forth bickering. But isn't Carville's comparison of Bill Richardson to Judas for endorsing Obama exactly the reason why the Clinton crew is so creepy?

God forbid a politician acted out of, say, judgment rather than loyalty (though I imagine political reality played more of a part here). God forbid a politician fails to see the policy world through a lens of debts and favors.

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Rob said...

My friend Chris commented on this post through my facebook page, but it is too good not to share here:

I can't believe the Clintons let Sinbad off the hook so easily. If anybody did pretty much exactly the same thing as the man who betrayed Jesus Christ, it's him.