Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Superstar remix

Here is a pretty great remix of the Lupe Fiasco song "Superstar" on which Young Jeezy, Lupe and T.I. all have good verses:

I love Jeezy rhyming "Honda Accord" with "Honda Accord." And his verse also contains a Wire reference!


Saxdrop said...

Jeezy and TI really outshine Lupe on this one methinks.

As much as I love Lupe, he has a fatal weakness in choruses/hooks. When he does manage to scramble something remotely listenable together, I feel like it's only because Pharrell was turning the knobs. This song is a perfect example: what a "blah" thrown together melodic motif.

Think about it, "I Gotcha" is perhaps his most memorable chorus/hook, and it really only stands out because it is saturated in that Neptunes sense of humor and analog minimalism.

Still got nothin but love for the Fiasco.

the cold cowboy said...

this past weekend i heard "go-go-gadget flow" blow up at an ann arbor dive bar, and the place went nuts. was it the hook, i wonder, or the fact that it was a city in the midwest? either way, it was fresh.