Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Introducing Oddballs

Alert! My good friend and old roommate Matt Lynch has a new blog about the Cubs up on the Tribune's RedEye site. He is repping the Cubs side, while some dude named Ryan Pedersen will be blogging the White Sox, but we will be skipping those posts.

Here is a bit from his introductory post:
Earliest Cubs memory: Believe it or not, my first baseball game was June 23, 1984, the now famous "Sandberg game," when Ryne Sandberg launched two home runs off of Cardinals Hall of Fame reliever Bruce Sutter during his MVP 1984 season. I was three and a half. I use the word "memory" loosely, as my recollections of being there are hazy at best. But I've been told the combination of my crying and my mother's pot roast in the oven caused us to leave early. We then listened to the thrilling conclusion on the radio because we were parked in anyway. My uncle, then my aunt's boyfriend, has not let me off the hook to this day. These days I make it through most games without any tears. Most games.
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Matt said...

Thanks for the shout out Rob! I'm trying to figure out ways to incorporate Marlo Stanfield and friends if possible. Yes we can!