Sunday, April 20, 2008

Less verisimilitude, please

On a scale from one to ten, I give HBO's John Adams about a six. It was pretty good I guess, though it didn't always hold together that well. I do think some of the complaints of historian Jack Rakove were at least partially answered in the last episode, which showed some of Adams's aggrieved self-absorption about how history would remember him.

Okay, whatever. But this is what I really want to say: Let's all carefully consider whether we really need to embrace some of what HBO pioneered with this series -- namely, the depiction of its characters' rotting teeth and dirty fingernails. These are period details that are no doubt exquisitely attuned for verisimilitude. But I am just asking: Do we really need to glimpse the gross, blackened teeth behind Laura Linney's lips? Isn't a healthy, non-disgusting smile one cinematic detail for which we would all happily suspend our disbelief?

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Anonymous said...

just be glad they haven't invented smell-o-vision.

yuk yuk yuk.