Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McCaskill for Veep?

What about Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill as a VP pick for Obama? She is a thoughtful senator and an effective advocate; she is from a swing state; she is a woman. She didn't vote for the Iraq war and is new enough to Washington that she wouldn't interfere with his "change" message. She is smarter, I believe, than Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who is sometimes mentioned in the same breath. And she's also kind of steady and reasonable-seeming, a good match with the tone the campaign wants to set.

She probably doesn't do a lot to help Obama with the dread white-working-class vote, but I expect she would help him lock in potentially wavering former Hillary-supporters.

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haahnster said...

What's her pastor like?

Seriously, though, great call! I've seen several of her cable news appearances, and she is an enthusiastic advocate for Obama. I agree with your other points as well (swing state, new enough to DC, etc.).

I don't know if ANYONE can bring the working-class white males to Obama. But, recovering significantly in the "white women" vote category would be extremely positive.