Friday, April 25, 2008

Regarding Rev. Wright's Interview

Re: Wright/Moyers Interview

Rev. Wright was thinking, "___________________ ."

A) I'd rather defend my own reputation now, regardless of what it does to Obama's candidacy

B) I'll deliberately hamstring Obama even further, because I feel he sold me out

C) I'd actually prefer to prevent Obama's possible election to the Presidency, because I don't know how to function in a United States that actually elects an African-American to its highest office

D) I'll phrase my responses so carefully, and speak in such a measured tone that even the worst white devils won't be able to twist my words this time

E) None of the above [Provide your own explanation]


Rob said...

It's gotta be D). A guy like that thinks if he can only explain himself and make his case without the media filter, everyone will understand and come around to his way of thinking.

But I didn't think the interview seemed that bad, did you? Rev. Wright was basically pretty measured and non-cartoonish, at least from the excerpts I've seen... Anyway that controversy is so four weeks ago...

haahnster said...

Of course, you and I wouldn't find the interview to be that bad. But, it is news. And that gives O'Reilly/Hannity/Limbaugh legitimate grounds to continue to rehash the whole controversy.

Yes, it's so four weeks ago. But wouldn't it be "four weeks ago" to an even greater degree if Rev. Wright had just laid low?