Monday, April 21, 2008

Voter Apathy

Sometime over the weekend I reached my breaking point. I no longer give a flying f*ck what happens in Pennsylvania, the Democratic Primary as a whole, or even in the general election this fall.

Can anyone still say with a straight face that this extended primary contest is making either/both of the Democrats stronger? McCain is all but a sure bet to win in November. Implosion accomplished.

Hillaryous (Yes, that's a modified form of "hilarious.") in a very sad way. Good for her. Now she can run again in four years. An Obama victory in November might've forced her to wait for eight. Go team.


Levois said...

What Hillaryous is that she might not even be a shoo-in in another four years. This entitlement mentality is almost sickening. I mean her entitlement to the Presidency.

Rob said...

I won't say I think the interminable primary strengthens the eventual Democratic candidate. It doesn't. But not everything about it is bad, and it's definitely not as bad as you're saying, I don't think.

Barack Obama raised $40 million in March. John McCain raised $15 million. In polls, McCain is basically tied with both Democrats right now, and he has nowhere to go but down once resources and media attention are focused on the general election matchup. Probably these are the best days of the McCain campaign.

Is it good for Democrats to still be battling it out? Probably not. But there is no implosion in sight.

stridewideman said...