Friday, May 09, 2008

Can't Someone Ask Hillary This Question?

If I were granted even just 5 minutes with Hillary Clinton, this is what I would say:

"Mrs. Clinton, you continue to say you are the strongest candidate, and you would make the best President of the United States. You say the many millions who've voted for you were stating their agreement. I have no doubt you are sincere. Why, then, is it necessarily true that the 'hard-working Americans, white Americans' who've voted for you won't possibly vote for Senator Obama in the general election if/when you are no longer on the ballot? Couldn't it just be that they prefer you, but many will still vote for Obama over McCain?"

I think it's shameful to see someone who has worked so admirably for so long stoop to the level of racial divisiveness to which HRC stooped in that USA Today interview. She will burn this whole thing's her or no one. Disgusting.

CLARIFICATION: What really aggravates me is that HRC's campaign has degenerated to he's beating me; but the way he's beating me won't beat McCain. Like so many of her prior rationalizations of losing, this just makes little sense. And she's race-baiting to make this nonsensical argument. I call that "Leadership...from day one."

One last thing: "Ready on day one," but her chief strategist thought the Democratic Primary was winner-take-all...her f*cking chief strategist!!!! She owes this goof $4 million. Ready on day one, my ass.

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