Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flailing at strawmen

How flimsy and far-fetched are the strawman arguments Steve Rhodes attributes to "the Obama cult" today? (Scroll down to "Fairy Tale.") Answer: Outrageously flimsy and totally far-fetched!

I don't really care what the people who have lunch with Steve Rhodes say about Obama, but I do resent it when he pretends their dumbest statements are somehow broadly representative of really anything. Isn't the intellectually honest thing to do to take on the best arguments of the opposing side? Shooting down the dumbest opposing arguments doesn't make you a bold truth-teller. It makes you an asshole.


g33kgrrl said...

I like how Obama's campaign was the one protesting the re-votes in MI and FL. Maybe I missed something, but I'm pretty sure they didn't have a problem with that, as long as it was done fairly.

Also, who goes to lunch with people who "scream" at them? Jeez.

Also also, The Obama campaign mastered running up delegate totals in red states largely uncontested by the Clinton campaign and winning particular districts like those in Nevada that would give it delegates disproportionate to what it could achieve in the popular vote.

So... doing things differently than the previous Democratic strategy, which was ignore the redder states and leave the local parties out to dry. I thought that doing things differently was somewhat synonomous with "changing" things?

What do I know, though, I'm just trying to look at underlying facts.

Rob said...

No, no, earning delegates by campaigning and winning in caucus states is "cynical political gamesmanship"!

stridewideman said...

It's neither cynical nor is it something that Hillary isn't doing. What was she doing in West Virginia and Kentucky if not this? You might make the argument that West Virginia is purple, but Kentucky is blood red.

candycanesammy said...

wait, i thought you LOVED steve rhodes?

Jake said...

So campaigning in states based on the rules laid out is cynical gamesmanship, but trying to break the rules and making math-based arguments that would make a seven-year-old blush is not?

By the way, this one time, a Clinton supporter told me they hated black people. Therefore all Clinton supporters are racist, and smell funny.

Rob said...

CandyCane Sammy, I felt this blog was suffering from a lack of gratuitous Steve Rhodes-bashing. The drought is over!

Saxdrop said...

Obama has a following...Ron Paul has a cult!