Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jindal's coming out party

For the last 10 days or so, freshman governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has stepped into something of a national stage. Having been vetted by all the right-wing talk shows and talking heads TV shows back in November during his election, he risked fading away as the Republican Party's novelty act, especially as an unprecedented interest was forming around presidential politics.

But with a NAFTA summit in New Orleans, including visits by Bush and McCain, Rush anointing Bobby with his blessing for Veep status, and this appearance a little over a week ago on the Tonight Show (the de rigeur venue for entry onto national stage office-seeking), Jindal's putting together an impressive PR campaign to highlight whatever it is he plans to do.

It also doesn't hurt that he has successfully started the year off with two successful special legislative sessions and that he's so damn likeable on camera.
NB: As for his actual prospects of being selected as running mate, I agree with a Tulane political science professor who said in a recent New Orleans area local evening news broadcast, if McCain picks Jindal, then the campaign becomes about identity and race, and McCain doesn't win that fight.


Rob said...

He is kind of on the Huckabee model, right? The affable arch-social-conservative? Definitely a likable guy.

Saxdrop said...

well, he's definitely a social conservative (he's a converted Catholic), but few if any policies have the so-con tinge to them. He is first and foremost a fiscal/economic conservative, and his campaign(s) thus far have focused almost entirely on that.

But he does resemble Huckabee in at least one way: his charm!