Monday, May 26, 2008

The West is okay

We all know at this point that Obama does not have a problem with "working class whites" as such but rather with the Appalachian region specifically. Right? (I wrote a little bit about this here.) Because Montana is a state that is roughly 45th in median income and 91 percent white and Obama is polling ahead by 17 points there.

P.S. ... Not that Obama is really going to win Montana in the general. Just making a (now familiar) demographic point.

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Saxdrop said...

From George Packer's essay in the current New Yorker:
I spoke with half a dozen men eating lunch at the Pigeon Roost Dairy Bar outside town, and none of them had any trouble saying it. They announced their refusal to vote for a black man, without hesitation or apology. “He’s a Muslim, isn’t he?” an aging mine electrician asked. “I won’t vote for a colored man. He’ll put too many coloreds in jobs. Colored are O.K.—they’ve done well, good for them, look where they came from. But radical coloreds, no—like that Farrakhan, or that senator from New York, Rangel. There’d be riots in the streets, like the sixties.” ....Here was one part of the white working class—maybe not representative, but at least significant—and in an Obama-McCain race they would never be the swing vote.