Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Obama ipod: Songs that mention Barack Obama

I have been sort of trying to collect musical references to Obama, preferably those not made by Here is my partial list, please add to it in comments:
  • The newest one, a very cool Afrobeat-style song about Barack Obama by Cody ChesnuTT

  • Nas's DJ Green Lantern-produced mixtape track "Black President" weaves in clips from Obama speeches and "Yes we can" in the chorus.

  • The great reggae song by Cocoa Tea called "Barack Obama" -- "It is not Hillary Clinton/ And it is not John McCain/ It is not Chuck Norris/ And I know it's not John Wayne."

  • "Work to Do" by Kidz in the Hall with Talib Kweli and Bun B is an Obama tribute song.

  • I haven't collected them, but I know Jay-Z has made a couple of Obama references lately in freestyles and guest verses.

  • Juelz Santana mentioned Obama back on the "Black Republican" mixtape track with Lil Wayne -- "Young Barack Obama, I'm all for it"

  • Common's "The People" from last summer -- "My raps ignite the people like Obama"

  • And it's not a song, but still very good, DJ Drama has lately been calling himself "Barack Odrama."


Anonymous said...

There's also get silly by v.i.c. that references him

Anonymous said...

also kanye west's part in forever by Drake